Here’s What Most of our Clients Want to Know

We’re happy to answer any questions you do not find here. Contact us.

What sets your company apart from other companies?

We’re known for our customer service. Our transparent process and commitment to keeping you informed and the project on track is key to the success of the project and your peace of mind. Our project management software is the hub for the customer experience. Many of the questions that you have can be answered through this program. You will receive your estimate through the software and then from there, you will be able to access your daily schedule, payments, daily logs and communicate with everyone on our team from crew to billing. You will approve all changes needed and see progress on your project from the onsite team.

How long does it take to get a bid?

Once we have completed your onsite consultation, a bid will be emailed to you within 7-10 business days.

Do you sub out the work?

We do have an in-house crew that will complete most of the work, but some of your project we will need to be completed by professional sub-contractors such as plumbers or electricians. Their permits will be under our name if needed and we stand by all sub-contractors we use and warranty all work performed.

Are you insured?

Absolutely. We carry General Liability insurance as well as Workers Compensation and Auto for our trucks and trailers.

Do you have a designer?

Yes, we have design packages available that can be built into the estimate.

Do you need a permit?

For some projects, a permit is needed. Rest assured, our company will handle all paperwork and inspections for permitting.

What do I need to pick out?

If you have opted for a design package your designer will help with your selections, from paint colors to flooring and tile to appliances. Once a deposit is made, our Project Manager will send you our vendor’s list for you to contact the vendors and set up appointments to pick out and pay for materials.

Where do we get our materials?

We have preferred local vendors for the materials we use. We can guarantee quality products through these vendors.


Do we have to use your preferred vendors?

We strongly encourage the use of our preferred vendors as we have years of working relationships with them. This helps significantly since they are familiar with our processes, schedules, and expectations for you as a customer. Ultimately you do not have to use our preferred vendors for your materials. We will try our best to work with wherever you choose to provide materials from, but cannot guarantee their products, schedule, or warranties.


When will you start? Schedule?

A schedule will be written for your project once we have confirmed ETAs for all materials. It will show each portion of the project (demo, plumbing, electrical, paint, tile, etc.) and when it is scheduled to take place. This can take up to 12 weeks once materials have been picked out and paid for. Your schedule will come to you via our project management software that you will be given access to.

What do we need to do to prepare our home?

Please make sure we have access to the area to be worked on. Furniture will need to be moved, cabinets will need to be emptied and countertops should be cleared, prior to our arrival. You will receive a survey to complete asking if these things have been taken care of one week prior to the start of the job.

Who is picking up customer-supplied materials?

Most materials should be set up to be delivered to your home. If there are small things that you can pick up and have at your home, great! Leave the big stuff to us if there is no delivery available. You should have a “staging” area designated for materials somewhere safe in your home. Maybe a corner of your garage or mudroom? That way everything will be in one place once the project gets started.

How do you get in and out of the home?

Once the project gets started, we will put a lockbox on your home for our crews to gain access if you are not available. Your schedule will keep you updated on what is going on daily. If you are not scheduled but need to gain access, we will always call first to make sure it is okay.

Should I put the dogs up?

Yes, please! We love fur babies but having them in the mix while we are trying to work is not safe for them or us. Please make sure you have a plan for them before your project starts.

Should I be onsite while the work is being completed?

There will be certain parts of the project that we do require customers to be onsite for that will be scheduled with you upfront but for the most part, you will not need to be onsite while the work is being completed.

Do we need to move our cars?

If we are completing the demolition of your project and providing a dumpster, it is best to move your vehicles. Please let us know where the best place to put the dumpster would be. Our crews are usually driving a truck and a tool trailer. If they can back those into your driveway, it is a lot faster to gain access to tools. It speeds the project by making things more efficient. But this is strictly customer preference.

Will there be a project manager on-site every day all day?

Between the professional skill of our crews and the exceptional ability to communicate through our project management software, typically our project manager does not need to be onsite every day. Our Project Manager is updated daily by our crews and will stop in throughout the project to assure deadlines and quality are being met. If there are any issues, our project manager is available by phone, email, or text and can be available for scheduled on-site visits as needed.

Will you be here every day?

We strategically schedule off days for each project to allow for unforeseen delays so that we can still complete the overall deadline in time if possible. Our Project Management software will be very important for you to check your schedule.

How long will the dumpster be onsite?

This depends on how much it is needed for the project. Just in case, please plan on a dumpster being onsite during most of your project.

What if you find more damage during demo?

If unforeseen issues are found during the demo stage or any stage of the project, the homeowner will be notified of the findings. If additional work is needed to resolve the issue, a change order will be completed for the additional work.

Is this the full cost of the job?

We do our best to estimate jobs accurately. We do however suggest at least a 10% budget for changes and unforeseen work.

How do change orders work?

If there’s any work to be performed outside of your original scope a change order will be needed. Change orders will be sent through our software to be approved on your computer, phone, or tablet. Once approved, work can begin.

When will the job be finished?

It’s always our goal to finish on time according to your schedule. Sometimes there can be delays or unforeseen events during your remodel. In the event something is behind we will do our best to get you as functional as possible without sacrificing quality.

Will you keep my house clean?

We understand it is your home and we want to keep it as clean as possible. We do our best to keep the dust and debris contained to the area being worked on. Additionally, we include a professional cleaning crew at the end of each project.


Do you work weekends?

Family first is one of our core values. We typically do not work weekends but sometimes we must for your project to stay on schedule.


How do I pay?

All payments are made through our project management software for your convenience.